We started Mesmer to solve a pain we felt personally at our first company, Zenprise. Testing — even automated — was manual, tedious, prone to breaking, and a huge time sink. We assumed that new tools would eventually solve what we couldn’t. But they haven’t. People do more manual testing now than ever. In a world where cars drive themselves, why can’t apps test themselves? That’s the question that sparked Mesmer.

We believe the way software gets created will change radically over the next decade. AI-powered bots will help us create beautiful apps at a speed not possible today. Mesmer is leading the way.

Waheed Qureshi + Ahmed Datoo

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We are now extremely proud to present our first product: Butterfly — a baby care companion. Butterfly is the world’s first autonomous baby monitor that provides actionable insights to parents by automatically tracking their child’s vitals, sleep, feeding, diaper and activities.

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New Medicare programs pay an average of $414k/year to each doctor for monitoring and following-up with patients between visits ..but with limited bandwidth, doctors struggle to comply with Medicare’s requirements.

Salusive Helps clinics monitor and follow-up with patients between visits. 

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$32B spend on data acquisition & labeling with 50% YoY increase. Too much time is spent on data ​. ML engineers spend 80% of their time wrangling with data. It’s not just time, there’s also a crisis of quality. The Gradio Data Engine  1. Corrects the mislabeled data. 2. Identify the low-value data, 3. Augment the high-value data. 

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